Become the voice of the voiceless Charisma

Since 1977 Christian Solidarity has been a voice for the “voiceless” providing literal FREEDOM for tens of thousands of captives. Set a captive free this Christmas in honor of someone you love! As we celebrate, this season, our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world are in slavery in many different forms. 

Whether literal Christian slaves in Sudan, captured by Muslims, or indentured servants in Pakistan forced to make bricks, where entire families are enslaved, slaves such as women, who are victims of the sex trade in India where CSI provides freedom, housing, education and safety or Armenians being marched from their homeland and held captive as a genocide takes place that the world is largely ignoring. Most of this never makes the news, most churches don’t discuss these atrocities, but in Jesus’ name, together we can offer someone LITERAL freedom this Christmas. Honor someone you love. $250 can set a captive free!