Sudan Famine Relief

267,000 children under the age of 5 are threatened with starvation

Families have exhausted every means they have to survive.

CSI is a small organization.  However, thanks to our low overhead and long-standing partnerships in South Sudan, we make an outsize difference -– but we depend on your gifts. Today, I ask you to consider a gift of at least $76 -– the price of a bag of sorghum, that can sustain a family through the famine. The more you give, the more people we can help.  Please pray for a swift end to the famine as you extend the compassionate hand of Christ to those in need today.

CSI has had a continuous presence in northern Bahr al-Ghazal for twenty-two years.  In this region filled with survivors of genocide, jihad, and slavery, CSI is mobilizing to respond to this hunger crisis.

We must feed these children and help South Sudan recover from the devastating drought!

Christian Solidarity International has been on the ground helping with food and aid — and we’re grateful for your part in this — but more emergency work needs done to feed hungry children and help save lives.

Malnourished baby being fed

Please help meet these urgent needs —

  • Just $76 will feed one child who is suffering for 45 whole days —
  • Just $140 will provide agricultural aid to hungry families: a hoe, a goat, and millet for both planting and eating.

However you are able to contribute, please respond TODAY — you will make a tremendous impact — providing food and aid for children and their families who are recovering from the drought.

The infrastructure is in place to deliver the food and farming aid — we just need the funds to make it happen. Whatever you can do today will make such a difference.