Since 1977 Christian Solidarity International has be advocating for, representing, and providing resources for those among the millions of persecuted peoples throughout the world. Persecuted brothers and sisters who are largely forgotten and here in the US people not often, if ever remembered. People who are in parts of the world many of us have seldom heard of, maybe never. Places that most couldn’t find on a map, simply because they live in places that are never talked about. Sadly, much of the reason that many are unaware of them, is because they don’t have any particular use to the US politically, strategically or otherwise. CSI is helping people in places like Armenia, Bangladesh, Nagorno-Karabakh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Syria and many others. CSI has been a voice for the voiceless in many of these countries which few of us have in many cases heard of.

How do we support the persecuted?

CSI is providing advocacy for the persecuted, interacting with governments, courts, and the UN to address human rights violations, which result in the death of the persecuted, displacement of the persecuted, the enslavement of the persecuted and inhumane treatment of the persecuted. Often resulting in physical harm (or death), people being driven from their homeland, people being sold into human slavery, sex slavery or other unthinkable actions. CSI provides representation, legal aid and tangible resources such as food, clean water, housing, medical assistance, and a host of other resources associated with persecution.

Where do we work


CSI teams travel regularly to Nigeria, to meet with the survivors of attacks and provide them with funds for medical treatment, and help those who lost their livelihoods start over. We also work with Christian refugees in southern Nigeria, sending over 100 Nigerian Christian refugee children to school, providing food, clothing and education for Christian children orphaned in Boko Haram attacks, and supporting refugee families with microloans to start new businesses in the south.

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In Pakistan, Christians are effectively second-class citizens, and face church bombings, mob attacks, forced marriages to Muslims, and accusations of “blasphemy” against Islam – a “crime” that carries the death penalty in Pakistan. Christians here are a tiny minority, and suffer daily violence from Muslim extremists and an unsympathetic government.

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In India, religious minorities face increasing violence and discrimination. Since 2010, CSI has been providing humanitarian aid to the victims together with local partners and working for them nationally and internationally: CSI has been providing legal and material support for victims of religious violence and discrimination, a management of a large network of lawyers, and adult education for the population.

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Middle East

Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East face an existential threat. They may soon be gone as they face threats of forced displacement; kidnapping for ransom; sexual slavery; executions; attacks on places of worship; pressure to convert to Islam. Mainly violent Islamist extremist groups, sometimes sup- ported by Western governments and their Islamist allies like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

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Since 1995, CSI has been working on the ground in Sudan to secure the freedom of South Sudanese men, women and children abducted and enslaved by Islamist militias. While in slavery, many of these people endure torture, sexual assault, and forced conversion to Islam. Despite the violence and terror, they hold on to hope – and through our underground network in Sudan, CSI is securing their freedom and bringing them home to South Sudan. CSI is committed to continuing the liberation of slaves captured during the Sudanese civil war until each one is free!

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There is a country in the Middle East whose people have been in a covenant relationship with the God of the Bible for millennia. They have faced many persecutions in their long history, but none so terrible as in the 20th century, when a powerful country tried to wipe out all of them – the entire race – during a world war. Despite this horror, they clung to survival, setting up their own independent state on a tiny strip of land, surrounded by much larger, hostile countries that have vowed to destroy them.

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Recently freed slave from Sudan

Stories from the field

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Victor Markus from central Nigeria, who was the victim of a vicious attack by Islamist militants last October, has finally returned home

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