Humanitarian Assistance

CSI has liberated tens of thousands of people from slavery in Sudan since 1995. But after years in bondage, suddenly returning to a life of freedom can be a challenge in its own right. After years of suffering, liberated slaves often return to their homeland with no home and no food and face the prospect of famine. Recognizing this reality, CSI developed a special aid package to assist survivors of slavery. These “Sacks of Hope” are delivered to freed Sudanese slaves, as well as to survivors of persecution and humanitarian emergencies throughout the region.

Sack contents

The start-up SACK OF HOPE contains:

  • Tarpaulin to offer shelter from rain and sun which can also be used as a groundsheet
  • Blanket to keep the whole family warm on cold nights in the bush
  • Mosquito net for protection against insects, snakes, and scorpions
  • Cooking pan for boiling water and preparing millet gruel
  • Plastic canister to carry 5 liters of water
  • Hand-held sickle for cultivating food and building a home
  • Fishing hooks

Returning slaves receive 12 kilos of millet, a grain containing protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals – one of the most important staple foods in Africa. This ration is enough to feed a family of five for one week.

  • Our humanitarian assistance depends on supporters like you. You can help support a family or a community throughout the world!

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

More than 22,000 people have been killed and more than forty thousand injured according to officials, after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, February, 7th. The quake, one of the strongest to hit the region in more than 100 years, struck 14.2 miles east of Nurdagi, in Turkey’s Gaziantep province.*

Thousands of buildings collapsed in both countries and there is particular concerned about northwestern Syria, where more than 4 million people are already relying on humanitarian assistance. In addition, freezing weather conditions are further endangering survivors and complicating rescue efforts, as more than 100 aftershocks have struck the region.

Currently CSI international is launching an effort to provide humanitarian relief through, among others, our longstanding partners in Antioch, Turkey and the surrounding areas, where at least one source reports that at least half of the city is destroyed. Buildings have crumbled, houses of worship have been destroyed and relatively little effort has been made to provide relief.*