CSI has been about the work of FREEING, FEEDING and HEALING THE CAPTIVES since 1977.

We don’t hear much in the U.S. about the persecuted throughout the world. But the impact of persecution and enslavement, particularly in the Middle East and Asia is extreme!

You’ve heard Eric talk about freeing slaves in Sudan. This is just one area which CSI has had a tremendous impact over the last few decades! There are slaves sold into human sex slavery in India. There are entire families who have been enslaved in Pakistan and forced into brick making and extreme manual labor. CSI is the voice for those who otherwise aren’t heard in situations like these, and many others!  


Would you help these captives? Would you set them free?

A donation of any amount will help CSI further it’s mission to free, feed and heal the captives!

Typical Aid for the Enslaved

  • A ration of sorghum, a local nutrient-rich staple food
  • A dairy goat
  • A “Sack of Hope,” a survival kit containing essential items such as tarp for shelter, a cooking pan, a water canister, a mosquito net, a blanket, a handheld sickle, and fishing hooks.
  • Release celebrations include prayer and gathering for a meal, and medical care for those in need. The CSI team provides comfort, encouragement, and a shoulder to lean on while they tell their stories and begin their new lives.

CSI also provides in various areas, housing, relocation, relief from natural disasters, just to name some areas of relief. Thank you for your compassion! Giving the Gift of Freedom and Hope! FREEING, FEEDING and HEALING THE CAPTIVES!!