Statement on Ukraine

The current Russian invasion of Ukraine is among the many destabilizing and destructive military interventions and other forms of warfare that are currently conducted overtly and covertly throughout the world without the approval of the UN Security Council.

The growing humanitarian crisis arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine joins the man-made, war-related humanitarian catastrophes in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Burma, Nigeria, and the Sahel region, all of which are scenes of violent competition involving domestic and foreign powers, including both state and non-state actors.

CSI stands in solidarity with the victims of war in Ukraine, especially the innocent civilians, and is committed to providing humanitarian aid to those in need regardless of ethnicity or religion.

CSI urges the combatants in Ukraine and their external supporters to deescalate military action, to establish a ceasefire and to negotiate a settlement that will guarantee all the people of Ukraine and neighboring states the right to life, to human dignity, to security and to all the freedoms found within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We encourage Christians throughout the world, whatever their tradition, to pray fervently and work diligently for peace and respect for fundamental human rights in the Ukrainian conflict zone.

“CSI does not support military actions or related activities, directly or indirectly.”  CSI Articles of Association II (3). 

Dr. John Eibner
International President
Christian Solidarity International