20-year-old attacked and left for dead by Fulani militants

Victor Markus, a young man from Nigeria’s central Plateau State, had his life all planned out. He would get an education and then a good job. But in late October, everything changed when Islamist militants attacked him and left him for dead. CSI is covering Victor’s hospital costs.

Victor, aged 20, comes from the village of Vatt, where he lives with his mother – a widow – and three younger siblings. After graduating from high school, Victor’s goal was to study geography or geo-mining at Plateau State Polytechnic or the University of Jos. However, he put his plans on hold initially to help his mother on their farm and provide for the family’s needs.

Then on October 25 of this year disaster struck. Victor and his friend Gyang Gwom were ambushed by two armed Fulani militias at a road junction at about 6:30pm as they were returning home by motorbike. As the two men approached the junction, they heard gunfire and realized they were the target. Victor jumped off the motorbike, but he had already sustained gunshot wounds to his hand and both legs. His friend managed to escape by motorbike, despite being injured.

Victor still dreams

Although it was dark, Victor was able to make out two Fulani men, one holding a gun. “They went after Gyang and then returned to where I was lying helpless in a pool of blood. I pretended to have died so as not to be shot again,” he told CSI’s local partner ECCVN.

After the authorities were notified, both men were admitted to hospital where Victor’s condition gave cause for alarm. He had lost a lot of blood and was delirious. Although Victor is now on the mend, the doctors were unable to save one of his injured legs.

“My dream of soaring higher to become breadwinner of the family has been thwarted, now that my leg has been amputated,” said Victor sadly.

Thanks to the generous support of its donors, CSI is able to provide funds to ECCVN to pay Victor’s hospital bill. Victor prays he will still be able to enroll at a college and realize his dreams.