300 South Sudanese regain their freedom and return home

In the final slave liberation action organized by Christian Solidarity International (CSI) in 2021, 300 South Sudanese returned home after years spent in bondage in Sudan.

Of the 300 slaves freed in the operation led by CSI project manager Franco Majok, 150 returned to their home villages in Aweil North County and 150 went back to Aweil East County.

In total, 1,500 slaves were freed by the CSI team in 2021.

As on previous occasions, each former slave received a survival kit and a goat, in addition to 25 kg each of sorghum and ground nuts. The CSI field nurse treated around 100 people, mainly for the symptoms of malaria and lung infections.

The team also repaired a bore hole for the host community in Aweil East to ensure a safe water supply.

“At the end of each slave liberation in the two counties the host communities held a big celebration, with songs and dancing,” reported Franco.

Enslaved for half her lifetime

Abour Boi Akec, 40, spent more than 20 years as a slave in Sudan looking after her master’s animals after being abducted by Arab traders from her village of Aroyo. For two decades she endured rape and other forms of abuse. When she was finally freed, she could not believe it.

“One day, [the slave retriever] Osman Bashir came, together with other Dinkas, to the cattle camp and talked to my master. After a long discussion, I was allowed to be with Osman Bashir. I thought I had been sold to a different master!”, she said.

Deng Khor Thuc, 55, was held in slavery in the North for 24 years. He also worked on a cattle ranch where he was beaten and insulted on a regular basis. When he fell sick, he received no treatment.

“I thank people from the US and Europe who helped secure my freedom. I would not be here today as a free man without the support they gave us”, said Deng. “I will look for my people here in South Sudan. I will farm to support myself. South Sudan is my home and no one will beat me or insult me again”. 

Thanks to your support, CSI can continue its valuable work of freeing slaves in 2022.