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Armed Fulani herdsmen are to embark on terror attacks on the Jol Community of Riyom LGA to disrupt the forthcoming elections.

“Armed Fulani herdsmen just invaded Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi and abducted Rev. Dido’s son.

The incident occurred a little after 8pm when Rev. Dido and his family were home in their residence at Plateau State Polytechnic Barkin Ladi situated in Haipang. Three armed Fulani herdsmen invaded the house and demanded money which the family did not have. After brandishing arms they resorted to abducting Kim Dodi, the 12 year old son of of Rev. Dido. The Reverend was seriously traumatized as the abductors left with his son into the nearby bush.



Kim Dido, a 12 year old son of Rev Dido who is a Chaplain of Plateau State Polytechnic. The boy was abducted 20/2/2019 by three armed Fulani herdsmen that invaded his residence that is within the School’s staff quarters. In an interview by TVC News media crew and  National Coordinator of Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria, Rev. Dido said, 

“I was resting inside my bedroom shortly after we came back from a prayer program, I heard a sudden alarming scream from my family members shouting that armed Fulani have intruded into our residence. Before I could realize what was happening, they badged into the house through our backdoor, each one of them heavily armed. They pointed the riffles at me and demanded for money which I surrendered every cash I had with me.” 

After giving them all of his cash, he said 

“one of them pointed his riffle at me and triggered it but had his hand swiftly hit by one of the abductors who manifestly never supported shooting me. As a result,  the two discharged ammunitions targeted at me riddled my bed’s direction and drilled the wall of the room. 

After a curious look at me by the one who hit the other’s hand, there was an order that they shouldn’t shoot again.”

Having not fully succeeded in getting what they had demanded, the abductors decided to abduct master Kim Dido, and zoomed out through the nearby bush, leaving the family in a state of traumatic nostalgia.

The Fulanis militiamen took two phones of Rev. and Mrs. Dido which have yet to be switched on. The family believes these phones could be used to intimate the boy’s parents into meeting their ransom demands. 

The tragic incident has attracted a crowd of sympathizers who turned the residence into prayer and worshipped arena for God’s divine intervention in the situation. Member representing Barkin Ladi LGA at Plateau State House of Assembly in person of Hon. Peter Gyendeng, Plateau State Commissioner of Solid and Mineral Resources Hon. Bulus Bot were among many that visited the Reverend and his family. 

It is known that at about 11:00am the abductors communicated through a phone call this afternoon demanding a ransom for the release of Rev. Dido’s son. In the course of the phone call, the Militiamen linked up the  Master Dido with his parents. 

However, prayer is being imploded across the globe so that God will show his mighty power over this heart-aching development.

By Dalyop Solomon Mwantiri, Esq.

Coordinator of Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria… edited for content and style by CSI


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