Christian Solidarity International’s annual report

2022 was a year of global uncer­ tainty. In more and more countries, democracy, the rule of law, and hu­ man rights are coming under pressure. Conflicts and wars are creating geo­ political tensions. Instability is affect­ ing the global economy. Prices are rising. Anti-Christian, anti-human ide­ ologies gain momentum and find ex­ pression through violence and other forms of extremism. These tendencies are now beginning to be felt in the prosperous, post-Christian western world. But their most destructive im­ pact is felt outside the western world, destroying the lives and wellbeing of the most economically and politically marginalized.

CSI has a long tradition of standing in solidarity with perse­ cuted Christians and other victims of oppression. Our primary means are vigorous and well­informed religious freedom and human rights campaigns and targeted humanitarian actions. CSI frees, feeds, and heals the cap­ tives, and provides humanitarian aid to other victims of oppression. CSI also challenges the powers that drive the politics of religious persecution, especially the persecution of Chris­ tians.

In short, CSI saves and trans­ forms lives, and gives hope to those
who feel forsaken, as Jesus did just before dying on the cross when he asked, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) Today, many parts of the mystical, universal Body of Christ are severely persecuted worldwide. They have been abandoned by the powers of the world, even by religious authorities. Like the man attacked by robbers in the parable Jesus told, they have been left at the side of the road, bypassed by the prosperous and powerful. CSI’s sacred interconfessional mission is to follow the example of the Good Samaritan.

I trust that you will be encour­aged by what you read of CSI’s work in our annual report for 2022.

Thank you for helping fulfill CSI’s sacred mission in 2022. I look forward to advancing it together with you in 2023. As always, I would be glad to hear from you.

CSI International Annual Report 2022