Dr. John Eibner quoted in Fox News

“Apostasy is a capital offense according to traditional interpretations of Islamic law. Those who convert are customarily threatened to death from either sharia-based states, radical mobs and/or their own families,” explained John Eibner, a human rights advocate and the CEO of Christian Solidarity International-USA. “Those who convert are sometimes secretly baptized, usually after a long, secret period of reflection and instruction in the faith. But it is dangerous, and those involved must exercise great discretion.”

ISIS nightmare prompts some Muslims in the Middle East to convert to Christianity – Fox News

Almost five years after ISIS slaughtered its way onto the scene in Iraq and Syria – brandishing their own extreme and much-denounced version of Islam – some in the Middle East are coming out to announce their conversion to Christianity, seeking another Abrahamic faith to drown out the nightmares of life under the terrorist tirade.

“One day, ISIS came to the house as they were unhappy with my mother and my sister. They wanted to take them away and I begged them not too, I said I would do whatever I could to protect them,” Jamial, a 35-year-old Iraqi, who in recent months made a quiet conversion to Christianity, told Fox News. “So for two years and eight months, we were forced to live under their rule and do what they say.”

Jamial was born in the Old City of Mosul. His dad died three years before ISIS overran his beloved city, and he – as the eldest son – was left to take care of his mother and two younger siblings, working in a local supermarket to make ends meet. As the battle to reclaim Mosul gathered intensity in the first half of 2017, Jamial left behind all his belongings and fled north to a displacement camp in the Kurdish capital of Erbil.

But one saving grace, he said, has been turning to Christianity since leaving Mosul – and doing so in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan, where he feels somewhat safer.

“I know in my heart God will save me,” Jamial said… Read more here