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CSI has been working throughout the Middle East and Asia since the 1970’s initially advocating for the persecuted and captive, and now providing aid, relief and freedom for those who are captive. CSI is at work in over 14 countries where the focus of the majority of their work is in areas that persecution and captivity are a direct result of an individuals’ religious beliefs.

CSI has been on the ground in Sudan since 1995 to liberate Christians and other non-Muslims forced into slavery by Islamist militiamen armed and directed by the Khartoum regime. Working through a local underground network, they have rescued more than 100,000 people from slavery. Still, thousands remain in bondage. In India young women and children are forced into captivity through sex slavery, in Pakistan families are forced into captivity and manual labor. CSI is setting captives free. In Nagorno-Karabakh an entire community of predominantly Christian Armenians are being held captive and face extinction. In Nigeria, a woman named Rhoda is in prison, held captive on false allegations of blasphemy. These are just a few examples of the situations that CSI is addressing tangibly, and diplomatically. None of these can be addressed without your partnership.


How Your Donation Helps These victims… A gift of $250 can set a captive free and provide them with the tools and the support necessary to restart or reclaim their lives. A gift of any amount will enable CSI to continue to Set Captives Free in a number of critical areas! Thank you!

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