Many casualties in Nepal Earthquake – CSI Provides Emergency Relief

The earthquake on November 3 in one of the poorest regions of Nepal has had devastating effects on the people living there. The CSI project partner is providing emergency relief with a team in the earthquake-affected area, where countless people are desperate. Reports indicate 157 deaths and several hundred injured individuals. Nearly 18,000 houses are no longer inhabitable.

On November 3, 2023, at 11:47 PM, an earthquake measuring 6.4 struck the KarnaliProvince in western Nepal, accompanied by several aftershocks. The epicenter was in Ramidanda in the Jajarkot District. The tremors were so strong that they were felt in neighboring provinces and even in Delhi, India. Initial reports suggest 157 fatalities, with several hundred injuries. The National Emergency Operation Center reports over 30,000 houses fully or partially destroyed. According to leaders of the Christian communities in these districts, many Christian families are also affected.

CSI’s Partner in the Disaster Zone

The CSI partner and its team are on-site providing emergency assistance. They report, “We are doing everything in our power to help. Through the distribution of plastic sheets, blankets, and food, we have already provided the essentials to over 300 people.”

The people are desperate. The need and despair in this remote area are immense. Numerous individuals have lost everything. Due to the risk of landslides, many earthquake victims can no longer reside in their homes, and there continues to be the threat of aftershocks. The precarious situation is further exacerbated by the impending winter. Despite daytime temperatures reaching 18 degrees Celsius, the temperatures already drop below 5 degrees Celsius at night.

How is CSI helping?

CSI’s support is benefiting the victims in the western, very impoverished district of Rukum West. People require immediate assistance in the form of tarps, blankets, and food items such as rice, salt, sugar, and oil. As reported by the CSI partner, their team has already provided the essentials to 300 individuals.

Accounts from those affected

“My name is Mrs. Tulasi Nepali. We belong to the Dalit caste and there are seven members in our family. Just two days ago, we returned from India, where we were working as daily wage laborers for a season when the earthquake happened. Our house is completely destroyed, and my husband suffered a spinal cord injury; he can no longer walk. We’re outside in front of the house, and due to the rain, our situation has become even more challenging. Today, we received food for a few days, along with tarps and blankets. We hope we can survive the coming days. We are so grateful for your support.”

“My name is Bina Kc Rokaya. I come from Athbiskot -11. I have two children and I’m in the sixth month of pregnancy. My husband is in India working there. During the earthquake, we were sleeping, and suddenly our house shook. My children and I came out of the house because we were downstairs. But my older sister couldn’t make it; she died under the rubble. The next day, a bulldozer came and pulled her out. We’ve been outside for many days. For many days, we had no food, and when I went to the health station, they couldn’t determine anything specific because there’s no X-ray machine available here to check on my baby’s condition. We’re going through tough times. We’ve received food, tarps, and blankets. I need to eat and take care of my children and the baby. Your support could mean survival assistance for a few days. I’m glad to have received help from you.”

“My name is Nandabire Sarki, I am forty years old. I live in the Athbikot municipality, Ward-11. There are eight members in my family. We are very poor, and I work as a daily wage laborer in others’ fields. I come from a Dalit background. During the earthquake, we were sleeping in our old house. In the middle of the night, the earthquake shook our house. Four of us were injured as we rushed out of the house. Somehow, we managed to escape, but the house is completely destroyed. We are still sleeping outdoors due to the numerous aftershocks. All our cooking equipment and clothes are buried in the mud. We have lost everything. We didn’t have tarps or food. But now, we have received tarps, blankets, and food for a week. We can survive for a week. Many thanks to all supporters for your help.”