Support Nigeria’s Christians

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Christian villages in Nigeria have continually been under attack by heavily armed Fulani Militants unleashing unimaginable terror upon defenseless villagers. I was there in June 2018 when over 230 Christians were killed within 5 square miles of where I was.  Thousands fleeing the attacks have poured into the city of Jos seeking protection for themselves and their children. CSI has been on the ground providing resources help with the greatest needs – food, medical treatment, and shelter.

In the city of Jos alone, over 10,000 are displaced due to these attacks.  We urgently need your help to aid persecuted Christians in Nigeria who cannot go back to their homes after these brutal attacks.  

  • $50 feeds a family for one month
  • $75 provides medical treatment for one person
  • $100 provides shelter for a displaced family for one month

Please give generously to bring life-saving aid to Nigerian Christians.

Dr. Joel VanderSpek 
Executive Director, CSI-USA