Scarred for life following a Muslim extremist attack

An attack by Islamists on Hori Ram village, northern Bangladesh, in December 2019 had life-changing consequences for one of the victims, Sakina Begum. Her right leg was so badly injured that it had to be amputated. One year on, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) continues to provide medical assistance to Sakina.

Hori Ram, in Rangpur Division, was home to 20 Christian families who met for worship in each other’s homes. When Muslim extremists heard of their plans to build their own church they were furious. On December 6, 2019, an angry mob of over 50 people attacked the Christian villagers and destroyed their homes.

Sakina was among those most seriously injured. The attackers beat her with clubs and sticks, inflicting deep wounds to her legs. With no doctor on hand to treat her injuries, Sakina’s right leg became so badly infected that she was no longer able to walk.

Infection too far advanced

CSI project partner William Samadder arranged for Sakina, accompanied by her two daughters, to travel to the capital, Dhaka, 150 miles away, where she was admitted to hospital.

After initial treatment, it was quickly discovered that the infection had already penetrated too far into the bone for the leg to be saved. In October, Sakina underwent surgery to amputate her leg.

After a period of convalescence in a shelter for women run by William’s organization in Dhaka, Sakina returned to the north with her two daughters in early December. Sadly, the trauma of what had happened was too great for her husband to deal with, and he left her. Sakina and her children now live with relatives and receive financial assistance from CSI.

With your help, CSI will be able to continue providing support to persecuted Christians, like Sakina, in Bangladesh.