Mothers and Children Killed by Disastrous Pakistan Floods

In Pakistan, exceptionally heavy monsoon rains are causing devastation and untold suffering among the population. Hundreds of thousands of women, men and children have lost everything. CSI is providing emergency aid. It is urgent.

Due to the severe drought, the monsoon was eagerly awaited, but in Pakistan this year it brought death and destruction. In some regions, the unusually heavy rains did not stop. Dangerous flash floods followed, submerging huge areas and sweeping away everything in its path. At the end of August, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif sent a tweet to the world: “The scale of the disaster is bigger than expected … 33 million people affected by the flood.” A state of emergency has been declared in Pakistan.

Misery and need are enormous. People try to save themselves on fins, wade and swim through the masses of water. Almost 2000 people have died, including many children, this number is likely to rise. The flood has taken everything from hundreds of thousands of people. One million houses were washed away, livestock and supplies were lost, grain and rice rotted in the fields, roads and bridges were destroyed. It is a record of horror. The people of Pakistan urgently need help.

Suffering from waterborne illness

In the past 24 hours, according to a report released by the health officials over 90,000 diarrhea cases were reported from one of the worst-hit provinces. Diarrhea, skin diseases and eye infections are spreading at relief camps.

The U.N. children’s agency said more than 3 million children were in need of humanitarian assistance. These children have an increased risk of diseases, drowning and malnutrition due to the severe flooding.

CSI sets up first aid camps and distributes food

The flood disaster hits the poorest the hardest. CSI project partners on the ground acted quickly. In two provinces, they set up medical emergency stations where volunteers provide first aid almost around the clock. Under difficult conditions, several teams distribute drinking water, food and mosquito nets. Time is pressing. In their distress, people start drinking the dirty water.

What you can do to help

$20 – buy a mosquito net
$20 – Provides a hygiene kit
$40 – Provide basic medical
$50 – feed a large family for 2 weeks

Pakistan flood, family on bed
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