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Whole families forced into brutal work in brick factories

Some 4.5 million people, 70 percent of them children, work in appalling conditions in one of the 20,000 brick factories in Pakistan. They are paid so badly that they fall into debt and are at the mercy of their employers. Minorities, including Christians, are particularly affected.  In February 2020, before the Corona crisis, the CSI… Read more »

CSI helps victims of brutal attack on Christians

India attack

When a Hindu extremist mob attacked a group of Christians gathered for prayer one young woman was so badly hurt that she lost the baby she was carrying. Through its local partner, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) has provided medical and legal help to the victims. The brutal attack happened on the last day of 2020… Read more »

Christians in Nigeria face violence and attacks

The situation in Nigeria right now for Christians is grave and has escalated to a level we’ve not seen in recent years. CSI has been working in this volatile area for years and the levels of persecution and violence are extreme…but most Americans are completely unaware. CSI along with their partner Masara Kim is speaking out about… Read more »

Young Christian girl freed from forced marriage

Sadaf Khan, now 16 years of age, was abducted by a Muslim man and forcibly married to him. For two years she suffered terrible abuse at his hands and was not permitted to see her family. Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of CSI’s local partner in Pakistan, Sadaf is now back home withher parents and has prospects for the future. Sadaf was just 14 when Mubashir Abbas, a distant neighbor, abducted her from her home in Bahawalpur district… Read more »

Christian schoolgirl severely beaten by teacher, CSI provides help

Sania, a Christian girl from a small village in Faisalabad, suffered a beating from her teacher after missing school due to illness. When her parents complained, a group of Muslim men attacked both Sania’s family and other Christians in the neighborhood. Christian Solidarity International (CSI) providedlegal aid and medical assistance to the victims. Ten-year-old Sania attends the fourth grade of… Read more »

Providing food and hope to displaced Christians

Aid recipients in Myanmar

Well over 10,000 Christians belonging to the Karen minority have fled their homes following renewed attacks by the military in Myanmar. Through a local project partner, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is distributing food and relief supplies to over 100 displaced persons on Myanmar’s eastern border. Since the military coup of February 1, 2021, fighting between the army and militias of the ethnic and religious minorities has flared up again. The unrest has driven more than 120,000 people from their… Read more »

Pray for Afghanistan

Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is grieved and deeply concerned by the rapid advance of jihadist forces across Afghanistan over the past month. The collapse of the U.S.-backed Afghan government and the Taliban’s takeover of the country threatens to make the already grim human rights situation in Afghanistan even worse, especially for Christians, Shi’ite Muslims, and… Read more »

Food distribution resumed as Covid cases surge

Bangladesh food distribution

In Bangladesh, where the Delta variant of the Covid virus is raging out of control, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is supporting a local partner to bring food aid to people in desperate need, including children living on the streets. “People are dying on the streets and in front of hospitals. The price of rice has… Read more »