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Freed from a life of abuse, Urmila has hope for the future

Shelter for trafficked girls in India

Urmila, 12, was forced to work in a brothel when her parents had no money to provide for the family. Thanks to a project sponsored by Christian Solidarity International (CSI) in India, Urmila is now free and living in a shelter for trafficked girls where she is being prepared for a better future. Millions of… Read more »

CSI helps victims of brutal attack on Christians

India attack

When a Hindu extremist mob attacked a group of Christians gathered for prayer one young woman was so badly hurt that she lost the baby she was carrying. Through its local partner, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) has provided medical and legal help to the victims. The brutal attack happened on the last day of 2020… Read more »

State-sanctioned attacks on churches increase

Destroyed church in India

In India, where Hinduism is the dominant religion, Christians are coming under increased pressure. Not only are they frequently singled out for attack by Hindu mobs, but churches are also being destroyed – on the orders of the state. CSI’s local partners warn that Christianity could be wiped out completely in India. A video sent… Read more »

Victims of human traffickers find refuge in CSI safe house

An increasing number of girls are being sold into prostitution in India. The horrifying stories of Prema (10) and Shanti (12) show how easily children can fall into the hands of unscrupulous human traffickers. Prema and Shanti are among 18 abducted girls who are now recovering from their ordeal in a safe house supported by… Read more »

India: pastor badly hurt in Hindu extremist attack

Pastor Ramesh, a Christian convert from southern India, suffered multiple fractures after being set upon by a Hindu extremist angry at the growth of his church. CSI is helping cover the pastor’s medical costs and providing support to his family. Home for Pastor Ramesh, his wife and little daughter is a single room shared with… Read more »