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Christian Solidarity International urges United Nations to end economic sanctions currently impacting more than 800 million people

UN council in Geneva during CSI speech

Christian Solidarity International (CSI), a Christian human rights organization, has called on United Nations (UN) member states to stop the use of economic sanctions that harm civilian populations. CSI’s Joel Veldkamp addressed the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on March 15. Veldkamp pointed out that the use of economic sanctions, sometimes called “unilateral coercive… Read more »

Christian Solidarity International says the persecution of Christians worldwide continues to grow, but their faith is greater than most people in North America

John Eibner, president of Christian Solidarity International (CSI) recently spoke with a Czech Catholic newspaper about the continuing worldwide persecution of Christians. Eibner said the reasons for persecution have not changed for 2,000 years. “Christians are persecuted today for essentially the same reasons that Jesus and the first Christians were persecuted,” says Eibner. “Reflecting a… Read more »

Rights groups to Blinken: Don’t abandon Armenian hostages in Azerbaijan

A day after a limited prisoner exchange between Armenia and Azerbaijan took place, a coalition of human rights organizations is urging the United States not to abandon Azerbaijan’s remaining Armenian hostages.  In a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Genocide Watch, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, the Armenian National Committee of… Read more »

UN Security Council Refuses to Prevent Genocide and Protect Victims in Nagorno Karabakh

Airport at Stepanakert full of refugees.

Christian Solidarity International Protests the Biden administration’s “All Words, No Action” Policy Yesterday, the UN Security Council failed again to act to halt Azerbaijan’s aggression against the besieged Armenian Christian community of Nagorno Karabakh, at an emergency meeting held to discuss the crisis.  Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister, Jeyhun Bayramov, was invited to a private reception hosted by U.S…. Read more »

CSI: 120,000 Armenian Christians Trapped as Azerbaijan Attacks Nagorno Karabakh

Airport at Stepanakert full of refugees.

Human rights group urges Biden to initiate air rescue of endangered civilians Today, Christian Solidarity International (CSI) can confirm, based on firsthand reports from partners on the ground, that thousands of Armenian Christians are now amassed at Nagorno Karabakh’s only airport, in the hope of being rescued by an international humanitarian airlift. Others are hiding… Read more »

Genocide Alert: Azerbaijan is attacking Nagorno Karabakh

CSI at the Lachin corridor

Today, the dictatorship of Azerbaijan launched a full-scale military attack on Nagorno Karabakh, also known as Artsakh, where 120,000 Armenian Christians have been under siege for nine months. CSI’s President, Dr. John Eibner, warns, “If Azerbaijan’s allies and commercial partners – the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, European Union, Israel, and Switzerland – do not… Read more »

Urgent genocide warning issued by human rights organizations

Armenian Church

Today, a group of human rights organizations issued a collective Genocide Warning for the indigenous Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh (also known as Artsakh). “All 14 risk factors for atrocity crimes identified by the UN Secretary-General’s Office on Genocide Prevention are now present,” the groups wrote. John Eibner, the president of Christian Solidarity International (CSI), commented on… Read more »