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Help for thousands driven from their homes

Map of Mozambique

Since 2017, northern Mozambique has been in the grip of Islamist attacks, and the violence shows no sign of abating. Thousands of people have been left traumatized by the scenes of terror they have witnessed. Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is supporting relief efforts through a local partner.  The northern province of Cabo Delgado is rich… Read more »

CSI Expresses Regret over U.S.’s Renewal of Syria Sanctions

President Biden’s Extension of Draconian Sanctions Regime Threatens Country on Edge of Famine Christian Solidarity International (CSI) notes with regret President Biden’s decision of May 6, 2021, to extend economic sanctions on Syria for another year. These sanctions are a key driver of the disaster unfolding in Syria today. Over the past year, intensified U.S. sanctions,… Read more »

Dozens dead, hundreds displaced in central Nigeria attacks

Attack in Nigeria

At least 35 people were killed, and hundreds left homeless following seven separate attacks on communities in central Nigeria’s southern Kaduna State between the end of February and mid-April 2021. According to CSI’s local partner, the Justice, Development and Peace Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan (JDPC Kafanchan), the attackers set houses on fire,… Read more »

Escape from abuse and forced prostitution

Kidnapped by a Muslim man she didn’t know and forced into marriage, Pakistani Christian Salma Ashiq endured three years of misery before finally managing to escape. CSI’s local partners are working to protect Salma and to ensure that those guilty of abusing her are brought to justice. Salma, who is now 24 years old, comes… Read more »

CSI delivers emergency aid to victims of Islamist attacks

More than 1,000 villagers driven from their homes by Islamist herdsmen have received urgently needed food and medical assistance from Christian Solidarity International (CSI) in response to the worsening humanitarian situation in central Nigeria. CSI’s local partner – the Justice, Development and Peace Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan (JDPC Kafanchan) – reports that… Read more »

Schoolgirl Esther can complete her education thanks to CSI help

Fifteen-year-old Esther Dankye from central Nigeria was on the verge of dropping out of high school as her widowed mother could not afford the fees. Now, thanks to financial assistance from Christian Solidarity International (CSI), Esther still has hopes of going on to university and getting a good job. Three years ago, Esther’s father was… Read more »

Joy as youth accused of blasphemy is released from prison

After more than four years in prison, Pakistani Christian Nabeel Masih has been released on bail. The youth had been sentenced to ten years’ detention on blasphemy charges. Christian Solidarity International (CSI) has long been campaigning for Nabeel’s release and welcomes the news that he is finally free. Nabeel, who had been praying to God… Read more »

Pastor’s family stands firm despite extremist attacks

Sri Lanka Extremism

In the vacation paradise of Sri Lanka, Christians are subject to frequent harassment and attacks by Buddhist extremists. Pastor Balasingam and his family have experienced religious hatred first-hand. But they refuse to give in to the intimidation. Since 2016, CSI has been supporting endangered religious minorities in Sri Lanka through its local partners. In addition… Read more »

Victims of human traffickers find refuge in CSI safe house

An increasing number of girls are being sold into prostitution in India. The horrifying stories of Prema (10) and Shanti (12) show how easily children can fall into the hands of unscrupulous human traffickers. Prema and Shanti are among 18 abducted girls who are now recovering from their ordeal in a safe house supported by… Read more »